Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Crabapple Hill Mason Jar Dishtowel

Submitted by Linda
So, I wouldn't say I'm an advanced 'stitcher'. I basically do lots of backstitch, with a french knot here and there, and some lazy daisy stitches thrown in. In fact, I recently read that I'm not supposed to be making knots on the back, but am supposed to weave the threads in and out so that they don't come loose. This scares me, especially on a dish towel that is going to go through lots of trips through the washing machine. So I confess, I'm still a knotter.

Lately, as I've been doing lots of stitching at my mom's house, I have found that sometimes a stitching pattern doesn't take long enough. So I recently pulled out this Crabapple Hill Mason Jar pattern. It features several different bouquets, all in mason jars. It's designed for a quilt, but since I only sew on the machine when I absolutely must, I decided to put it on a dishtowel.  It took much longer than my usual projects, and I think it is just the prettiest thing (if I do say so myself). 
Please take a close up look at the dimensional flowers. This was a new stitch for me, and I love love love how they turned out! For beginners out there, every stitch you could ever want is online, diagrammed and on you tube. And you can find lots of simple and free patterns on Pinterest and on Bird Brain Designs.
I did end up adding some pink crochet trim along the bottom, just to top it off!

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