Monday, July 27, 2015

Vintage Bling Clipboard

Submitted by Linda
This past spring, my friend Liz and I made our semi-annual trip up to Clovis for their charming street fair and antique shops, only this time we brought my mom with us. We had lots of fun, and Mom was an easy traveler to add to our group. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures, and we didn't find any 'super-amazing' treasures, but I did find some inspiration. 

I noticed folks selling 'shabby-chic' type clipboards, often with a chalkboard finish. Since I use a little clipboard at school for all of my lists and schedules, I decided to shop for the findings to make my own. 

It's always fun at the antique booths to dig through boxes of broken jewelry and buttons, and I had lots of fun doing just that. 

When I got home, I started by using Mod Podge to attach pretty paper to the back of my clipboard. I chose this paper that had a bit of a distressed vibe, so that if it didn't come out perfectly, no one would know.
Next I covered the front with this shimmery taupe polka dotted paper. I attached the bling, one piece at a time, using Crystal Effects as my glue. After my items would dry, I would add more until it looked done to me.
The starting point for the bling was this pink flower pin with gold-tone background. I purchased other interesting buttons, and even the watch face. Near the bottom right you can barely see a little pink and blue floral button. This was on an outfit my mom sewed for me when I was little. Sweet, right?
It will be fun to take this to school in the fall. I hope the adhesive will hold up to lots of use!

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