Sunday, July 26, 2015

Time flies... and the flannel scrap project!

Submitted by Linda
Oh, where to begin? The last time I blogged was on March 17th. I could start with my usual list of excuses (too busy, time flies, blah, blah, blah), but I think my absence can be attributed to a bunch of things. My dad passed in January, so my mom and my family and I are still figuring out life without dad. Then, I had a BIG birthday in March, and had a son graduate from college recently. In the midst of that, my hubs made a big job change, so it's been a weird time of ups and downs and transitions and celebrations.

After losing my dad, I really needed time to stop so I could catch up with life (which of course didn't happen). But during that first few months, coupons expired, events came and went, and we were sort of playing catch up all the time.  When school ended for the year, I was finally able to take some deep breaths and just BE.

If you've followed our blog for any length of time, you know that I have been a big fan of the Flylady, and tidying my house every summer. Well this summer was no exception, except that this time I did it the "Konmari" way, as per "The life Changing Art of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondu. To be completely honest, I haven't read the book, but when I heard about it from both a sister in law, and my BFF Michelle, I voraciously read books reviews and blog posts about her systems.  You can go on Pinterest and do you own searching, but suffice it to say, I've been in a purging frenzy, which concluded last weekend with a yard sale. It is very freeing to have less stuff, and for the stuff I have to be in its place.

Also, my church has been doing a sermon series on the spiritual disciplines, and so many of these support a life of simplicity, with times of quiet and rest. How can we allow God to work in us when we are running around like crazy people? One of my favorite nuggets is this: "You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life." So, I've been slowing down. And being still. And resting.

As I did all this cleaning out, I even got rid of crafting supplies or sewing supplies that I know I will never use (or are for a project I don't really want to finish). And that is freeing as well. We don't need to keep stuff that makes us feel guilty.

However, I did work on finishing a couple of projects which were important to me. And one of them is the 'Flannel Scrap Blanket'.

Back when my boys were elementary aged (or maybe younger), I made my boys homemade flannel PJs for Christmas every year. This craziness continued until I realized that I can buy perfectly great flannel pajamas without stressing myself out. But over the years, I couldn't part with the leftover flannel, saving it to make a blanket "someday". Well, "someday" came this last month, because I wanted to make the blanket so I could finally throw away the big bag of scrap flannel.

Here are the boys in their PJs on Christmas Eve one year, with their cousin Sam.
 Usually I coordinated the fabrics, until this year when they picked out their own.
 So I cut the fabric into 8" squares, spread them out like I liked (random, basically), and stitched them together. I almost even had enough fabric for the backing, but I had to buy a bit of the bike fabric that you can barely see at the top of the picture. I put a very thin batting between the layers and stitched it together, and used white yarn to tie the corners.
It's comfy cozy, and I used it TODAY for a Sunday afternoon nap! I've already got dibs on it for the next time I'm under the weather. And best of all, the big bag of scraps is GONE!

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