Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Birthday Party Favors

 Submitted by Linda
Recently, I celebrated a big milestone birthday, so Craig invited a small group over to celebrate with me. I decided I wanted to have some type of giveaway favor, because I really appreciate my nearest and dearest. 

For a long time, I've been reluctant to make any type of "Hershey's Nugget" favors, because they looked too time intensive. Boy, was I wrong. These came together quicker than many other projects I've taken on over the years. 

I found some tutorials on Pinterest, and I've tried to be clear about dimensions and details so that you can make some too!

Supplies needed:
Nuggets candy
Printed paper
Paper trimmer and scorer (Stampin Up has a beautiful cutter that does both, as do many options at your local craft store)
Pretzel Bags (found these at Michaels in the baking section)
Some type of tag
Some type of ribbon or twine

1. Choose your printed paper, and cut strips 1" X 3".
2. Put Sticky Strip (stronger than a snail/mono adhesive) on one end, and a strip of snail/mono adhesive on the other. The snail adhesive is just to hold your paper in place on the back of the nugget, until you wrap the paper around and secure it with the Sticky Strip.
 3. When you are done your nugget looks like this. I covered four nuggets per favor, in coordinating papers.
4. Next it's time to make the tray.  Cut your paper 1 7/8" X 4 1/4" and score it in 1/4" on each side, as shown below.
 5. When the trays are ready, it's time to load up the trays and slide them into the pretzel bags.
 Here's what we've got when we're done. I used the new stampset called "You Brighten My Day". The  tag design fits perfectly with the coordinating tag punch.
 I kind of went a little overboard and made a few too many. So I shared some with school friends. After all, 'There's always something to be thankful for".
 Here's a picture of my nearest and dearest at the party. It was a good night, and I'm happy to finally be twenty nine (plus a few more).

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