Saturday, February 21, 2015

An Old Bunny and A Birthday Outing

 Submitted by Linda
So it turns out that we ended up planning my Dad's memorial service on my mom's actual birthday. Not our first choice, but it seemed like the best day for all the folks we were hoping to include in the service. My mom was very flexible about it, and we agreed to spend Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday together to celebrate her birthday (which was just two days prior).

In recent months, my dad had become more of a homebody, and didn't like to be away from home for long, or have Mom away from him for long, so we never planned full-day outings. Knowing that she know had a little more flexibility, I checked in with my friend Sandy, who has her wholesale license, about getting me and my mom into Shinoda, which is the Disneyland of decorating and floral supply.

She was eager to join in, so we trekked down to the OC, and here is what we found: rows and rows of ribbon.
Beautiful spring florals (like, an entire row of hydrangeas!)
 Inspiring displays!
What I've learned from coming here before, is that it is wise to have some sort of a plan in mind for shopping, or you can get completely overwhelmed and buy too much or buy nothing.  My plan was to  make an arrangement using this old wooden bunny. I love how rustic and worn he looks!
I had been storing him for years, because my Grandpa Roll had made him. I remember seeing bunnies like these at their Nebraska home, and I can't really even remember how I got one.  Here's my grandpa with his '63 Econoline Ford van. My grandpa passed in '77, so I feel even luckier to have something that he handcrafted.
So, I found a container, and some fake kale, an artichoke and ended up going to Michael's for some carrots and lavender.  I think it's done....
 Yep, done. And all ready for spring!

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