Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Grateful For You

Submitted by Linda
On my recent visit to LaQuinta, the to-do list included creating a few Thanksgiving cards, as well as some tags. We ended up using the new "For All Things" set to make the beauty shown below.
In the spirit of full disclosure, here is the inspiration from Iguana Stamp.
 I felt like our card needed a little bling, so we added the gold glimmer paper and the gold cord.
That weekend we also made Michelle's Cousin Kathy's famous granola. Our idea is to put some in a small cello bag for Thanksgiving treats for our co-workers. Thus the tag. This time we used the Merry Everything set (which has the coordinating tag punch). Again in full disclosure, Michelle actually made the granola while I crafted away on the tags.
For the granola recipe, click HERE. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lollipop Moments and Gingerbread Men

Submitted by Linda
So I was simply perusing Facebook one day when I commented on my friend Gina's amazing wreaths on her FB page Creative Spaces by Gina.  
The wreath under discussion was this beauty, smothered in red and white deco mesh, burlap ribbon, candy picks and the cutest gingerbread man ever. I commented that it was my favorite that she had made so far. She replied that she had been thinking of me while she was making it :).

Well, a mutual church friend, Vikki,  was observing our conversation and chimed in with, "Gift it to Linda and I'll pay you later!" I was so surprised. What a cute and lovely thing to do! When I chatted with her later, she told me that it was a 'lollipop moment', when you do something to make someone else smile. (Smile? Heck, I was doing the happy song and felt like a room without a roof!)

When Gina's daughter (former kindergarten student Sophia) delivered it to my classroom, I immediately hung it up with our gingerbread men from the second week of school.
Isn't that wreath a giant upgrade to my classroom decor?

Now the wreath is at home and is already getting me into the Christmas spirit.

Anyway, one 'lollipop moment' deserves another, so I made up some monogrammed cards to give to Vikki. This pretty sherbety paper looks so cute with the (retired) whimsical alphabet "V". 

This sweet gesture inspired my to try to implement the lollipop philosophy into my daily life. And if you want to see more of Gina's fantastic wreaths and garlands, click here:  Etsy Shop.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Birthday to my man-boy Nick!

Submitted by Linda
So I've tried to stop calling him "Nicky", but I've noticed that his close friends still call him that, so I guess that means I can too, right? I know am a biased mom, but the little boy Nick was such a cutie pie (with such sweet kissable baby skin).
It's hard to believe that he is now twenty two. He's still a cutie pie but it's different now to smooch on him, now that he has, well, whiskers.  

Here he is with his big brother, Tommy and his girlfriend Chandler, at his birthday dinner at Union on Yale in Claremont. We had a fun (and delicious) night with two of his and Tommy's childhood friends serving us. 
 And here is his birthday card, using the woodgrain embossing folder and the Memorable Moments stamp set.
Here's to a happy and healthy 22nd year!