Monday, October 6, 2014

Taking Italy to Kindergarten: Venice

 Submitted by Linda
The truth about Venice is that it is as magical as you've heard. It truly is silly for me to try to capture it in one blog post. And even sillier to think that I could see it all in just a couple of days. Nevertheless, here are a few glimpses of our moments there.

Forget about street signs, or of remembering how to get somewhere. Just follow the signs toward the Rialto bridge, or St. Mark's Basilica and keep walking.

By foot, the city is beautiful and full of charm at the turn of every corner and at every one of the many bridges.

 Everything is brought in via boat (food, supplies, luggage, etc.) And trash is also hauled out via boat.
 I loved the Murano glass lanterns by the Doge's Palace.
 The bridge of sighs.....
 And a picture of the gondoliers to show the kindergartners.
And by gondola ride, it's even better!
Did you know that in the past these 'barber poles' signified a home's entrance for gondola passengers? Different colors for different families. 
Such a happy time!
So here's how it translated to kindergarten. The students made their own gondolier to put in the canal near the Rialto bridge. They also created the buildings complete with wrought iron, flower pots and awnings.
 Then we set up a photo op with a cardboard gondola and the kid sized gondolier outfit I bought in venice. Here's my friend Gia.

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