Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Taking Italy to Kindergarten: Pinocchio

Submitted by Linda
The story of Pinocchio originated in Italy, and it is a staple in the tourist stalls. I saw collections like this in most Italian cities I visited. I'm guessing it's very popular with tourists (probably more popular with tourists than locals.)  Nevertheless, I was excited to find an Italian children's story that was familiar.

 Along with the several versions of the story that I bought, I also brought this Pinocchio doll home with me for my classroom collection of 'artifacts'.
The project we ended up doing was a jointed Pinocchio which I modeled after TLC art projects. If you are a kindergarten or pre-school teacher, you will definitely want to check these out for your students. To go the the TLC website, click HERE.  Basically, TLC art projects are directed lessons, where students learn to cut rectangles and squares into a variety of shapes to make their project. What I love about it is that it builds confidence in the students, and it gives them the ability to create something about of basic pieces of paper.  So each child's project comes out uniquely theirs.
Speaking of art and artists, next I'll be sharing how we brought Michelangelo and DaVinci to kindergarten!

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