Monday, October 13, 2014

Taking Italy to Kindergarten: A Mishmash of Parting Shots

Submitted by Linda
So it's time to wrap up Italy.  I've been home for seven months now, and I still am eager to go back one day, to stay longer, learn the language, see more, and do some cooking. In the meantime, here's a few more random pics. 

Florence's symbol is the flour de lis, so I purchases a soccer jersey that represents their town. I thought the girls would like the purple. I also brought back a national jersey, which is royal blue.
Students made their own "Italian" soccer jersey.
 Venice, beyond gondoliers and canals, is known for the Carnivale of Venice and the beautiful masks. I brought a couple back, and the kids did do a mask project, though somehow, I didn't capture it with my camera. Our masks didn't turn out quite as elaborate as these.
 Maybe because it was spring when I went, I was a bit obsessed with trees. This one was in Venice.
 When we arrived in Stresa, I was obsessed with this tree and the blossoms that had fallen on the lawn in front of our hotel. I dropped my bags, and ran out with my camera before the sun went down. Sure enough, the next morning they were all cleaned up. But I got my shot.
 Another nod to spring, in Florence.
 Pizza. Sorry. Couldn't stop myself.
 This tiny police car was on the Isle of Capri. The weather that day was absolutely wretched, pouring rain, so my photos really aren't worth sharing. Though we did have a great time there.
The little town of Stresa (up North by the lakes) has a unicorn for their city symbol. Which is lovely on this wrought iron gate. And a lovely thought as well.
 Another thing that endeared Stresa to us quickly is their small but moving memorial to 9/11.
...and gelato. You probably remember that I made it a point to eat pizza every day, whereas Craig's vice was gelato. It truly is an art form there. And I'm sure the stuff that I bought and fed our kindergartners wasn't even close to the real stuff.
 A favorite memory is tea time on the grand canal. This is going back on my bucket list, so hopefully I can do it again.
Since I was behind the camera most of the time, I have this rare pic of me that Craig snapped in Verona.  I love so many things about the way the Italians do life. I feel like my face here reflects the calm of a mealtime where they will never bring you a check unless you ask.

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