Friday, October 10, 2014

Taking Italy to Kindergarten: Mamma Mia Pizzeria!

 Submitted by Linda
Craig and I made it a point to eat pizza every single day whilst in Italy. No matter where we went, it was fresh and tasty, with a thin crust. In Verona, we had lunch at the Mamma Mia Bistro.
Our choice that day was a veggie pizza.
 I snapped this pic of some pizza-makers just outside the ruins of Pompeii.
So here's my version of the "Mamma Mia Pizzeria". The students made their paper pizzas and described what they chose to put on them.
We didn't have access to a brick oven, so I asked Craig to bring over our bar-b-que and grill up some pizzas for us. We used bread dough, olive oil, and we let the students add sauce, cheese and pepperoni.
The kiddos made a chef's hat, and we added the Italian vibe with a mustache. Here is my friend Chef Jackson.
I posted these pics above my brick oven, where it says 'Ciao! Mi chiamo Linda' (my name is Linda). For privacy I've hidden the student names below.
 My colleague Denise always makes everything fun. She made us try out the mustaches, too!

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