Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bullet Journal (Don't be a hater)!

Submitted by Linda (but I've converted Michelle to the bullet journal as well)

So, have you ever been on Pinterest, when you find yourself clicking around someone else's pins, just because you're curious? Well, our fellow Stampin' Up friend Rachel had been pinning a bunch of stuff about 'bullet journals', and after seeing some of the pins, I began researching in earnest.

Disclaimer: If you are someone who loves lists, and organizing things, this will be fun for you. If not, you will think that we are obsessive, crazy control freaks. (No comment).

I've always been somewhat of a list maker, and I always say that I'm 95% organized. But that 5% of disorder always gets me in the end. Pictured below is a cute clipboard with a bunch of stamping 'lists': things to buy, things I wish for, projects I'm planning to do during 2014, which tags will go in the Christmas tins, and so on. 

The 'clipboard system' works pretty well, except that I have various clipboards, post its, grocery lists, and so on scattered hither and yon. Then I have notes to bring certain things to school (crock pots or potting soil, for example), and notes to bring things home from school (projects to prep, things to repair, etc.) Then I put appointments in my cell phone, and/or my big kitchen calendar.  It's a lot of lists and notes in a lot of places.

The purpose of the bullet journal is to get all of those ideas, thoughts, to dos out of our brain and gathered in one place. Many proponents of the bullet journal talk about how for our analog brains, a digital app or calendar isn't as effective as the old school of 'writing it down'. 

You will find tons of pins on Pinterest about bullet journaling, and lots of helpful videos. Many folks buy expensive leather bound journals, but I just decided to use a nice blank journal I was recently given, and when I got Michelle all excited about this project, she was happy to use a grid-paper composition book.

One of the first things you need to do is decide on your icons for your daily lists. We wanted to keep it pretty simple, so we chose what you see below. Many people have tons of icons, but again, we were going for functional rather than complicated. (I did bust out my big box of scrapbooking stickers and washi tape to do some decorating, but it really can be super simple).
The next thing you need is an index. After you have numbered all of your pages, you can begin adding lists for anything, as long as you note it in the index. In Michelle's journal below, you can see that October doesn't have an ending number, because the month isn't done yet. This will make more sense below.
Next, you make a master list of tasks for the month, and we decided to add a calendar for the month. Michelle drew hers in, but I just xeroxed my paper calendar that I usually carry in my purse.
Next, you use your icons each day to make your list. When thoughts, ideas, appointments, to dos come to you during the day, you write them down under todays date, and check them off as you go. If I don't get them done, you 'migrate' them to another day or to a date on my calendar.

As I have been using my journal, I really felt like I needed a 'week at a glance' along with my lists, so I drew in the week. I have since created this 7 day strip on my computer and I now will print it out and glue it in each week.
I have also included a sticky note here and there for grocery lists and other things that don't deserve 'real estate' in your journal.

In the very back of my journal (you can see it says page 197), I have listed all of the stamping stuff that was on the clipboard. And the page is noted in my index.
At the end of October, we will note the ending page of the October notes in our index, and will begin a category for November.

So far, it has been working really well. I love it that all my important stuff is in one 'easy to find', portable location.

And if you like checking things off of your list, then this is for you.

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