Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What's Your Superpower? Ours is our Volunteers!

Submitted by Linda
I know that I often brag about my co-workers, but I am reminded when I talk to many other teachers that I am blessed by the school team that I am a part of. Their work ethic, professionalism, and dedication to students cultivates an environment where I am inspired to improve my craft as well. 

That said, these people also know how to throw a party.  This year, our social committee was very busy at the end of the year with a giant retirement event, so our volunteer event, held in June, kind of landed in my lap. 

Keep in mind, June is always crazy (report cards, parties, awards, end of year gifts, etc), so I try to limit my extra commitments. But somehow, when there's a leadership void, I step in (especially when it's as important as making our volunteers feel valued. For me a "thank you" goes a long way!)

 My role in past events was to create the favor (some type of paper craft, right up my alley!), so our first task was to choose a theme so I could get started.  Through a quick staff room conversation, we decided to do a super-hero theme. 

I sent out an email with the theme and a few pins attached from Pinterest, and look what happened! Elaine and Denise made this cute cityscape, complete with super kids. Those were the same kids that appeared on the invite, thanks to Denise!
Alisha went online and printed out these "pop"s and "bam"s, so we attached them onto circles, attached to skewers, stuck into an 'almost dead' cup of play dough.  The buckets were borrowed from Beejal, who was going to use them for end of year gifts for her students. We have learned from Patti over the years that colored tissue is a party must have. Look how it disguised our skewers!
We added a quick ziggy-zaggy cloud under the buckets, over a butcher paper table cloth, and Voila! Extremely low budget but as cute as can be!
On 'set up' day, the staff came in a quickly got 'er done! All that was left was to bring breakfast goodies for the morning. I was amazed at how the team came together to help.

And as for the favor...since I had done post-it holders in the past, I decided to do a Ghirardelli  chocolate square holder instead.
For me it's ok, but I wish that I had been able to implement the super-hero theme a little more effectively (which is why this year, we will plan ahead a bit better)!
For anyone who is interested in past favors, click HERE for a post-it holder.
Click HERE for a long skinny note pad holder. Click HERE for another post-it holder.

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