Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer 'Fairy Picnic' Cloche

Submitted by Linda
So the bottom line is that I need some photography lessons. I'm loving my new camera, but I've got to learn how to use it better. Case in point, this photo of my cloche decked out for summer. Is it possible to get a shot without the reflection and glare?

Well, nevertheless, I'm sharing my summer cloche anyway. After all the hullaballoo about fairy gardens, I decided to do a fairy-type picnic.
I had seen an idea with spools used as tables and dollhouse chairs, and china.
I added a felt 'grassy' floor, and some moss, but something was missing.....a teeny tiny banner! I used my Banner Punch again, and strung it between two skews tucked into more spools. Love it!
Now it's almost time to think about filling it with something fall-ish!

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