Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mt. Vesuvius: Butcher Paper Mountain

 Submitted by Linda
When you're a teacher, you end up with a reputation over the years for certain things that you 'always' do in your classroom. These things often become an annual tradition because kids will ask, "When are we going to do the _____?" Or in my case, "When are you going to make the big volcano?"

For years, and years, I've made Mt. Fuji as part of my environment for our study of Japan.  I learned this trick from my colleague Elaine, who can literally create anything out of butcher paper.  

My Mt. Fuji is hanging over the door to our 'middle room', which is between two kindergarten classrooms. If you peek carefully, you can see that through Mt. Fuji, is an exit through another volcano (in this case, it's Mt. Etna in Italy - not geographically correct, but fun nonetheless). In the middle dark portion of the volcano, we have a red light bulb and a model of the inner parts of a volcano. It's very exciting for the kids to walk through the volcano.
 So when I decided to teach Italy this year, I knew that Mt. Vesuvius would make an appearance. This photo shows it 'in process', but you get the idea.
Because it is an active volcano, I added some lava just for fun.

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