Saturday, August 9, 2014

Apple for the Teacher:Tri-fold Thank You

Submitted by Linda
Now that it is August, my brain begins to focus on 'back to school'. During the summer, I'm a big fan of completely unwinding and occupying my brain with other things, since during the school year, I'm pretty focused on school. This summer has been a time of relaxation, recharging and organization for me. 

That said, here is a wonderful 'thank you' idea for your child's future teachers. I received this card at the end of last year from my friend Stacey (and her kiddos), who became my friend when I was her children's teacher. This is so stinkin' cute - and just wait for the inside!

The card is a tri-fold card, and when it's opened, you see a picture of me and Kyle, when he was in kindergarten (he is now in high school). Also, you can see a handwritten message.

When you open the third side, you see me with twins Meghan and Jack, when they were in K. In the middle is a current picture, taken one recent afternoon with the kids all grown up. Meghan and Jack just graduated from sixth grade, so this family is done at Sumner, so Stacey and her crew made the rounds to distribute a card like this to every teacher that her kids had. I didn't have daughter Andrea, but her picture was in the teacher's cards who taught her. It's a fantastic project, that required a lot of pre-planning. But so precious!
Mine has lived on my sideboard all summer.
Goodbyes can be hard, but this was such a dear way to exit a school that has been part of their lives for many years. Thanks to Facebook, I can still see what these kids are up to and I love hanging out (and crafting with) their mom. So this isn't really goodbye. Thank goodness.

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