Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Altoid Tins: Back to School Treats

Submitted by Linda
Here's a shot of that amazing Storytime paper I was raving about yesterday. We recently did another project with it that I can't wait to share with you.
Michelle's friend Teri is an avid Altoids consumer, and somehow I mentioned that we should be recycling those cute tins. So she started saving them for me, and I started pinning ideas on Pinterest.
Lately when I was doing a tidy in my craft room, I realized that I had about 60 tins. Time to get busy. We decided to cover them with paper, inside and out, for 'Back to School' treats for our school administrators, secretaries, and grade level team members.

We started by covering the inside with paper. There are lots of tutorials on Pinterest, but it's pretty straightforward: trace the bottom, cut and glue it inside the lid, and so on.  Measure a strip for the inside, and tuck it in with some adhesive, piece of cake, right? Since we were making a bunch, I made cardboard patterns for outside of lid, inside of lid, inside of bottom, and bottom (we had to cover the nutritional info on the bottom of the tins).
The outside was a little more concerning, because it involved Mod Podge, which is always a sticky endeavor. We attached this cute handwriting paper around the tin.
And now......wait for it......the tops. They are so cute, I saved the best for last!
A button here, an embellishment there, a tiny Tim Holz paper clip, and some brown sponging on the flashcard.
This little queen may be my fave. I think I'll save that for my (female) principal.
But what to put inside? Our research led us to put six Dove chocolates inside, which fit perfectly!
This would be a darling project for any time of year. And if anyone needs tins, I have plenty to share.

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