Thursday, July 31, 2014

Retro Birthday Card (and the demise of the local stampin' store)

Submitted by Linda
Back in the day (and I mean in the early days), my mom and I started stamping when the best resources we could find were at the Lane County Fair (Eugene, Oregon), where we learned how to emboss using your household iron (a dangerous and cumbersome project, for certain).  I think this was in the mid 80's.

At some point after that, Stampin' Up emerged (thank goodness), and local stamping shops. When I started teaching in Claremont in 1988, this little gem was in the downtown village.

My mom and I used to go down there, find a sample that we liked, and buy all the supplies (right there and then) and then go home and make the card. As time passed, friends joined me in my oft visits to SY{heart}O, and it became our go-to place for our favorite ribbons, adhesives, dies, tiny calendars and papers. For holidays I often hinted that I would really enjoy gift certificates (or Stamping Bucks) from there, and I always seemed to have a stash of those certificates on hand. I even had some from this past Christmas, when I got an email that said Joan, the owner for thirty-some years, was retiring and closing the doors. What? Say it isn't so!

Joan doesn't know me, but she has been a gift to our community by contributing to projects to support our local schools and Shoes that fit, so it's only fair that I give her a shout out here.
Well, I immediately went to the store to spend my 'bucks' and was sad to see the dwindling merchandise.  I went back several times over the next two weeks and stocked up on ribbons, and other supplies, but I couldn't believe it was closing. 

Recently I even had a dream where it was still open, and when I awoke I was so bummed.  Sadly, more of these independent little stores seem to be closing. Anybody remember Scrappin' Good Times in San Dimas? 

Well, don't lose hope quite yet. There's still a gem of a store in Redlands, which is a short 30 minute drive from my house, thanks to the 210 extension. Called Collective Journey, they have a plenty of stamping supplies, embellishments, dies, ribbons, and a darling gift section. They also offer fantastic card classes, which you can check out online. Click HERE for a link to Collective Journey.

Last time I went there, which was in late spring, I did exactly what my mom and I used to do. I saw a card I loved, and bought all the supplies to make it. 
To be honest, all I needed from the store were these two darling party kid stamps, and the cute scrabble paper. The backgrounds are both from the October Afternoon stash that I had on hand.
I also recently heard of a cute stamping store in downtown Orange, called Stamp Fever. Click HERE to see the link. I'm sure I'll be taking a field trip there sometime before the summer ends. Let me know if you'd like to ride along!

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