Thursday, April 24, 2014

Little Cabin in the Woods, Little Sled by the Window Stood....

Submitted by Linda
I found these pictures from December 2013, and realized I'd never posted them and the 'little house' project.  When we were in SLO at the Remnants of the Past event, Michelle had bought a cloche, and I also bought one for my mom. For the holidays I envisioned a snowy scene complete with a sparkly, snowy, pretty little house. I began looking here, there and everywhere, to no avail. I had a vision in my head, and it looked similar to this:
OK. I'll admit my vision wasn't that amazing, but don't you just love that little house with the birdie and the 'sparkle' on top? To see the original creator, click on PAPER TALES.

Ironically, whilst in SLO for Remnants, I forced my pals to stop in at Beverly's, the local craft store. In it, I found the perfect little paper mache houses. After buying the aforementioned houses, I came across a glittery church ornament (see photo below), which I thought could do the job. But alas, the houses were still begging to be decorated.
I started by painting the sides pale pink. I covered the roof with my vintage french marching band music (the perfect sized music for a little roof)!
So here it is, waiting for the next step.
This is probably the point where I have to confess that I used three types of iridescent glitter. Actually owning three types of iridescent glitter either makes me a legit crafter or just beyond crazy. Nevertheless, the sides of the house are covered in Stampin' Up's Dazzling Diamonds, the roof is covered with large glitter (from Michaels), and the snow on the ground is made of Mica Flakes, again from SU.
Next, I added a birdie button, some pompom snowballs, and a sled (formerly red) that sported a white coat of paint and a dip in the Dazzling Diamonds.
Michelle had a 'sparkle' stamp, which was the perfect size!
While at Remnants, we knew this project was in the making, so we bought these trees that had been bleached white and then re-dyed by the crafter in different hues with old fashioned glitter. So here is my little vignette, on my pretty King's Crown plate (a $10 find at the Huntington Collection in Pasadena).
My photography skills are not good enough to get a good picture through the glass of the cloche. So you'll just have to use your imagination. 

I know I've mentioned Remnants quite a few times, and sadly, this summer I'm not sure if I'm going to make it, since they've moved the location further north to Santa Clara. It is a great event, though, and this year it is June 28 and 29. You can find more info HERE.

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