Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happiest Birthday "Fishes"!

Submitted by Linda 
Buying stamps is sometimes like buying shoes. You never know at the time of purchase if you're really going to love them, if they're going to feel good on your feet, and so on. Stamps are like that, too. Sometimes the cutest stamps on my shelves go for months without being used. Sometimes they make a comeback, and sometimes they bless somebody else. This "fishing around" stamp had been calling my name, even though it's not my usual style. I had just gotten it, when I was invited to a twins' first birthday party. 

I had pinned a card similar to this one, and I loved the idea of adding the party hats on the fishes. I used my fun new watercolor printed papers, and here it is!
And here we are at the party with the two little ladies!

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Liz Leahy said...

So cute! The card and the photo with you and Craig & the girls :>