Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Cards 2014

 Submitted by Linda
 Helloooooo out there! Yes, I am alive and well. And finally posting.

I don't mean to get all serious with ya'll, but I have been continuing to adopt a philosophy of slowing down and taking good care of me. I recently read an article on Facebook about turning 45, and the author talked about how in our 30s, we young moms do it all: working, parenting, volunteering, throwing birthday parties and the like. Over the past several years, I've found myself wanting and needing to slow down, and take the rushing out of my life.

I think too, having lost a dear friend in 2013, and having Craig recover from two surgeries, I'm even more convinced that we need to slow down, savor the moments, and be good to ourselves and our loved ones. Carpe Diem. Which, for me,  also means saying 'no' to things sometimes. Even good things like blogging.

Nevertheless, I'm happy to be typing away today, to share my valentine projects. All of these can be found on my pinterest board if you want to see my inspiration.

I made this tag to attach to cookies for my teacher friends, and then never used them (the cookies were so pretty in the cello bags, they didn't even need the tags!)  So they are in my stash for next year. I layered several newsprint hearts together to give it a thicker texture, before I glittered it up.
For this one, I loved the unique 'not so valentine-ish' vibe. And the green is a fun addition to the usual red and pink.
This is my CASE'd version of a card on pinterest. And because, after the fact, I realized that I copied it from one of our fave stampers, Heather Klump at Downstairsdesigns, I'm sharing her original.  I didn't copy it exactly, but I did follow her lead and do some paper piercing, both on the blue heart and along the border.
This cute valentine-y paper is also on clearance at Stampinup.com right now, FYI!
And here is Heather's card:
So that's all for today. Hoping to be back before too long. In the meantime, be good to yourself!