Sunday, January 26, 2014

Out with the old....In with the....old?

 Submitted by Linda
Stamping is kind of like fashion, in that styles and looks go in and out all the time. So occasionally, one must go weed through her stamps, trying to decide if they stay or go. I even ask myself the same questions as when I'm in my closet: "Have I used it lately?" "Is it still appealing?"

So I try to keep stamp sets which are timeless, and still functional. This oldie but goodie is from 2006, and was the Ronald McDonald House set at the time. As a kindergarten teacher, I feel strongly that the crayon vibe is always in style, at least for me.  So I pulled this out because I needed a housewarming tag for "Michelle's friend Carrie who is now my friend Carrie", who recently moved from the desert to within my 2-mile radius!!!!

I used ink and blender pens, and added some puffy heart contraband (non SU) stickers.
The gift was a hand stitched flour sack towel for Carrie's new kitchen. The design was so big, that I wasn't able to cinch up the cellophane with a cute ribbon, so I just attached the tag with some washi tape.
If you have a good memory, you may remember that this is one of the towels I stitched while Craig was in the hospital last February.  Boy, are we thankful to have that experience behind us. And what could be better than having a stamping buddy who lives in my neighborhood?

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