Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

Submitted by Linda
Normally, Michelle and I choose the same Christmas card design and then mass produce them together. But this summer, we had different ideas, so we worked together, but on different cards.

Here's my inspiration. I took one look at this Memory Box Country Landscape die and promptly ordered it. I love the white on white. So fresh. So wintery.  I don' t know where I found this picture, so I apologize for not giving the proper photo credit.
Here's my take. I turned it horizontal, added a silver embossed greeting, and still it needed something. I tried glitter, a tiny punched star, and ended up with this tiny rhinestone. I love how it is a subtle shout out to the Star that pointed the way to hope, redemption, and peace.
Currently, the cards are all sitting nicely in the box where they have lived since the late summer. I'm working on getting a family photo, where we all look genuinely happy. We'll see how that goes- ha!

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