Monday, September 2, 2013

Crafty Scissors Fob

 Submitted by Linda
 When it comes to birthday gifts for one another, we have evolved into giving a 'birthday box', rather than just one gift. Usually, all the gifts in the box are wrapped individually, to extend the fun of opening. Throughout the year, we keep our eyes and ears open for gift ideas that would be a perfect addition to the box.

This last June, when we went to Remnants of the Past in SLO, I noticed that Michelle had brought an embroidery project, and with it she brought her giant Stampin' Up ribbon scissors.  This would not do! So I decided to find her a nice tiny pair of embroidery scissors, with a cute fob. Though the fob is mostly decorative, it helps me from losing my scissors down in the bottom of my project bag.

This darling dolly fob belongs to my mom and my wish was to find a darling dolly for Michelle. I went on Etsy, and found one for $24, so I had to pass on that one.

Next I went to to the "Hob-Lob" (Hobby Lobby, for those of you who don't know my lingo), who usually never fails me. However, these fobs were too blingy and too cutesy for a class act like Michelle.
I ended up wandering around at Michaels, looking at their giant section of jewelry findings, and again, nothing felt quite right. Until I found these felted balls in the stitching area. The bag of balls is actually a bracelet kit.
I pulled out all the Autumn colors, since I know that those are some of her faves, and I simply used a big fat needle to pull the ribbon through. I didn't even need the clasps that I had bought.
There were enough leftovers to make one for myself, in the more jewel-tone colors. And now Michelle doesn't have to drag around her giant scissors anymore.

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