Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Banner

Submitted by Linda 
My mom was always a sewer, and she often would make me an outfit or a project when I was young. When I was big enough, I learned how to make bean bags on the sewing machine, usually by sewing seams on the ends of a section of a sock. When I was in the 7th grade, my junior high school offered 'Sewology' where I remember making a really terrible pair of elastic-waist brown corduroy pants. 

My mom and I continued sewing together, my dad was willing to pay for any fabric I wanted, as long as I didn't let projects pile up (apparently he doesn't buy into the philosophy of 'the one who dies with the most fabric wins'). It turns out that his grandma had a giant stash of bargain fabrics in the space under the stairs, which she never used up.

When my kids were young, we would go to my hometown of Eugene, Oregon, for a long visit, and my mom and I would have a  sewing marathon - halloween costumes for the boys, clothes for me, projects, and so on.  Yet, as I have gotten older, I discovered that I don't enjoy the process of sewing as much as I like the end result.

In the Spring 2012, I was at Rosie's quilt shop in La Mesa with my friend Liz, and despite my intentions not to do any sewing projects, I fell in love with the cupcake fabric, and the sprinkles fabric shown below. I decided then and there that I would make a birthday banner.
So, this summer, I determined to "get 'er done", lest a fabric stash start accumulating, ha ha! I started by ironing a fusible interfacing on the back of the fabric to stiffen it a bit.
 I punched the pennants shapes out on my Big Shot, and I'm pleased to say it cut fabric like a champ. Here are my pennants, in an order that I like.
 I also used the Big Shot to cut out the letters. I had ironed on "wonder under" before I cut them, so that they would iron right on. Let me just say, that whoever invented "wonder under" ought to have won the Nobel Peace Prize. That stuff has really upgraded textile arts! Here the letters are laying on the pieces......but something seems to be missing.
 The letters didn't have enough 'pop', so I used my scraps to cut a scalloped circle to put behind the yellow letters. Much better!
 Here is the layout. I like it!
 After I ironed the scallops and letters onto the pennants, I still didn't feel like the letters popped enough, so I gently peeled back my interfacing on the back of the pennant, and I used green embroidery floss and stitched a stem stitch around each letter.  Much better.  
Now, even though I'm a mother of boys, and my house is more red than pink, I just love this (sort of girly) banner, and am looking forward to using it for many birthdays to come!

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Carrie said...

I just saw this, and I absolutely love it! Beautiful work Linda!