Friday, July 12, 2013

The Carolinas: Travel Journal #5 Charleston and Another DDD

Submitted by Linda
So with all this shopping we had to keep in mind that we were returning on an airplane, so we had to limit the size of our purchases.  At this antique mall in Charleston, I ended up buying some buttons and lace. Liz found some 'hard to find' items from her wishlist, but in one case the price was too high, and in the other, the shipping would have been exorbitant.
I hate finding things from my childhood in antique shops because it makes me feel so old! My mom and I knitted these Christmas bells during my junior high years.  Maybe they'll come back in vogue and appear on pinterest at some point.
I also hate seeing things that I had on my wedding registry. Granted I've been married 25 (almost 26) years, but doesn't it take 40 plus years for something to be considered an antique?  Either way, I enjoyed pawing through all this silver. When do you see an entire box full of butter knives?
I didn't buy any silver, but I did buy an awesome "Liberty" milk bottle in cobalt blue. I borrowed this picture from Tobi Fairley's blog, where she posts a beautiful patriotic tablescape (my cellphone pics don't show the cool embossed lettering). On the back side the design is a statue of liberty. I have never seen anything like this in my California antiquing, so I was excited to find it.
Lately I have made a new friend who is young and hip, in her twenties.  On several occasions when we're together I have seen her pull out a vintage hankie to dab at her nose. I could hardly pay attention to what she was saying, because the hankie was so cute, and she was so darling using it. I was ready to run home and yank out my vintage textiles and find a hankie for my purse. So when I saw the packaging on this hankie, I thought, 'Couldn't we create something like this to give hankies away to our friends? And then in turn start a new hankie trend?????'
Cute, right? However, I haven't started using a hankie. I'm concerned that my '40 something-teacher' vibe may not be enhanced by a hankie. Rather than looking hip and cool, I wonder that when I whip out my hankie I may look older than I am. Thoughts?

Our next food adventure was at 'The Early Bird Diner', again in Charleston and again endorsed by our friend Guy Fieri.
The sandwich pictured below doesn't look like much, but it was a meatloaf sandwich, with carmelized onions, and chipotle bbq sauce. Liz's side of choice was cheesy mashed potatoes.
My sandwich, pictured below, is a grilled cheese with fresh tomato. Yummo! My side was a fresh corn salad similar to this Susan Branch Recipe that Michelle and I both make in the summertime. Very cool and refreshing. The Early Bird added avocado,which was a nice touch!
Next up...a bit of history of downtown Charleston. Stay tuned!

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