Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Carolinas: Travel Journal #4 Charleston, SC

Submitted by Linda
As we made our way down from Asheville to Charleston, we planned stops all the way down at various antique shops. This cute shop in a house was called 'Eclectic', and here Liz found some cool porcelain glove molds that look like hands and arms. She is planning to use them to display bracelets and other jewelry. We heard some interesting comments at the airport security about 'arms' in her carry-on bags.
In Charleston, I was really excited about eating at "The Glass Onion", another of Guy Fieri's recommendations from the Food Network's DDD.
I did notice in the Southeast, that folks are much more polite with their cell phones. At restaurants, I rarely saw folks texting or calling. So I put mine away.
After we ordered, our waiter brought some boiled peanuts. I love peanuts and peanut butter, but I think one must have to develop a taste for boiled peanuts. But I did eat them, in the spirit of 'when in Rome...".
Next came our salads. Liz got a watermelon, feta and cucumber salad, pictured on top, and mine was an heirloom tomato with basil, anchovy dressing, and fresh parmesan. Of course, all of their produce came from a local farm, and their menu is developed each day by what produce is available. That tomato was like none other I've had.
The entree below is cheese and shells with andouille sausage. It was very peppery and the cheese sauce was amazing. I'll be trying to duplicate that one some time soon. We both ordered it, and we were so happy! The sauce was so creamy, I have to wonder if Velveeta was the secret ingredient?!
Stay tuned for more antiques and another DDD!

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