Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Carolinas: Travel Journal #3 Asheville, NC Continued

Submitted by Linda
Another item on my friend Liz's 'Carolinas bucket list' was to visit the famous Grove Park Inn. We went for a wonderful breakfast buffet.

 It was large, and very pretty there, and we saw some sweet honeymooners. It was under quite a bit of construction, in preparation for their 100th anniversary.

Also on our agenda for our second day in Asheville was to see the downtown, and do some shopping. At one of our antique stops, I found this 'handmade very old sampler' and I love, love, LOVE the sentiment.

We have chatted gaily together
Enjoyed the very same things
Had lots of rainy weather
But know what sunshine brings
Whatever life may choose to send
I hope to keep you my good friend!

It's always fun to see antiques I already own, and see the asking prices. I have a full set of this Noritake, a special gift from a very dear aunt. I like how it's white, so it mixes and matches with my other dishes.
The picture below doesn't do it justice, but the twinkly lights strung up in some meshy grapevine in the rafters of the booth added such ambience to our shopping adventure.This might be fun to do on a patio.
Another stop we made was at Waechter's 'high end' designer fabric store. These fabrics were very nice, like nothing I've ever seen at JoAnn's. I had fun looking at all the buttons, and bought just a few for an upcoming embroidery project.
I someday want to make this darling card table playhouse.  I was chatting about it with one of the ladies there, and she had made it into a princess castle. You can look at their beautiful things, and see the card table princess castle on their blog HERE.
Stay tuned for our journey to Charleston, SC. Thanks for looking!

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