Monday, July 22, 2013

New "School Year's" Resolution: Cherry Bike Basket

 Submitted by Linda
For 25 years now, I've worked at my beloved Sumner Elementary in Claremont. And for 15 of those years,  I've lived right across the park, which is directly behind my school. In fact, if I walk out of my driveway, I can see the back of my school. If I take streets, it's maybe a four block walk or bike ride.

When folks learn where I live, they always ask me if I walk to school. I always make up some excuse, like "I always have a crock pot or cookies or something to take" (which is often true).

But since I have a fun red bike, and because I have so enjoyed my biking during our beach vacations, I have resolved to start the upcoming school year with a commitment to ride, at least a couple of times a week.  I have this weird worry that I'm going to be perceived as the 'middle aged eccentric bike riding teacher', but hopefully it will translate as the 'cute eco-friendly bike riding teacher'. The main thing a cute bike rider needs is a wicker bike basket. 

I really wanted the L.L.Bean version, but until I prove myself on this new resolution, I had to stick with the more economical Schwinn version, which I found at Target for under $20. Notice the handle on top - my dad removed it for me.
The next thing a cute bike rider needs is a custom fabric liner. Now, I'm begging you to click on this Etsy Liner. It is so darn cute with it's dingle balls, but again, I wasn't willing to shell out $45 for a liner, unless I was certain I would ride a lot.

As I continued searching around the web I found this Basket Liner Tutorial. You all know that my sewing machine and I don't get along very well, which is a shame because I love hand sewn projects. Everything you've seen me post is thanks to my mom, who is the brains behind the outfit. So I sent her the link, and she said "easy peasy" (easy for her to say!) Nevertheless, I knew that I'd have help, so I went to a new local quilt shop, The Quilt Loft in Upland, where I found this cherry-licous fabric.
Now, the tutorial was awesome, but it shows you how to work around the handle, and remember, my dad had removed it for me.  This made things much simpler, because I was determined to add the dingle ball trim like the Etsy version.  Here the trim is pinned on, for a 'fitting'. (I've discovered I can handle sewing much better when I'm fitting a basket rather than my body, which doesn't look like the pencil woman pictured on the pattern envelope).
I stitched on the trim, with no complications! Yippee! The basket snaps right onto the bike, and I'm ready to go!
Now, hopefully I can keep my resolution!
P.S. I have to tell you one more thing: my parents still had my combination bike lock from when I rode my bike to school in junior high. And I remember the combination!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love this Linda. Good luck to you in keeping to your goals. I know you can do it. Love the basket liner too.

Teri said...

Hurray!!! You go!! Smile on my face as I picture you riding your bike (complete with cute basket) over to your classroom.