Saturday, June 22, 2013

Uncle Sam and a Yoyo Flag

Submitted by Linda
Remember these cloches I found at Remnants? Well, soon after I got home I realized that Spring would soon be gone, and I would need something summery to put  in them.
Well, I had received some "Stamp Your Heart Out" bucks, and made my way to their darling store in C-Mont, just to see 'what I couldn't live without'. I found some papers and other paper crafting supplies, but I also came across this Uncle Sam pick.
I love the way he looks old and vintage, with his pipe cleaner hair and his grumpy-ish kind of face. On the back of his head, you can see he was made in Japan, and I'm sure he cost just pennies to make, despite his price tag.  I came home, and wrapped some old wooden spools with bakers twine, ribbons and trip and popped him in the tallest spool.
Ta Da! So cute in that little pint sized jar cloche!
Another project I have been working on is the yoyo flag pictured above.  I had seen it at a quilt shop, and then bought the kit which included all the fun, old time fabrics, enough to make two flags! You can see the yoyo maker tool in the picture below.
Now, yoyos are super easy to make, with or without the gadget shown above. In fact, when my boys were elementary age (before Pinterest), I found a picture of a yoyo bedspread in a magazine and decided to make it. It called for 3,000 yoyos (no, that is not a typo. It says, 3,000). So, everywhere I went in those days (usually the little league ball park), I had a ziploc baggie containing my circles of fabric and my needle and thread.  After I made the 3,000 (out of the boys baby clothes, fabric scraps, and from the bridesmaids dress from my wedding), I realized I didn't really want a bedspread, but rather just a throw. I'm sure a smarter person would have thought about this before she made the 3,000 yoyos. Well, the end of the story is that my mom and I both ended up with a fun yoyo throw, so all's well that ends well.

So back to the current project: In the picture below, I'm laying out the yoyos for the flag so I can start whipstitching them together.
And here it is, in all it's glory. I put a pen beside it so you can see how small it is. So stinkin' cute, if I do say so myself.
If you are interested in the kit so that you can make your own flag, I believe you can find it at My Red Door Designs. The kit includes fabric to make the flag shown here, and a teeny tinier one. You will want to buy the yoyo makers, so that your yoyos all turn out uniformly, but I've seen them at JoAnn's, where you could use a coupon.

Next, I think I need to find a twig for a flagpole, or maybe a cute old vintage hanger to clip it onto.

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