Sunday, June 2, 2013

Stitching Update: A Gift, Two Birds, and Twins

 Submitted by Linda
 A few weeks ago I received a padded envelope in the mail, containing this hand stitched dishtowel.
 Michelle had started it for my birthday, and had finished it and sent it off. Don't you just love those lazy daisy stitches and that cursive writing? As a stitcher, I appreciate the hard work and time that goes into a gift like this.
 I know I've blathered on and on about my love-hate relationship with cross stitching. I loved these birds enough to try this project, but my mistake was using the 18 count cloth that I had on hand, rather than buying 14 count fabric which would have made the design much easier to see as I was working on it. My bad.

 I snapped this picture of bird #1, because I couldn't believe I had completed it.
 And here is both birds, in a cute rustic frame. All of my frustration was forgotten when I saw it all done and in the frame (kind of like we forget the pain of childbirth when we meet our babies!)
 Speaking of childbirth, I forgot earlier to share this card that my mom stitched for COURTNEY when she had her twins. It lost one of the carriage buttons in it's journey through the postal system, but isn't it adorable?
For now, I'm vowing to stick with embroidery. Until I find another 'must-do' project.

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