Monday, June 10, 2013

SLO Girls Weekend: The Prequel

 Submitted by Linda
Hopefully you saw Michelle's beautiful new bedroom, where she mentioned that we had been at Remnants of the Past in SLO.  We had lots of fun prior to her finding and hanging all of her mirrors, so here is a bit of the 'prequel'. 

We saw this vehicle, presumably belonging to a couple who was celebrating their 50th anniversary. Lots of laughs were had over the "aint been easy!" comment.
 On our way to San Luis Obispo, we trekked off the beaten path a bit in Arroyo Grande, where Michelle spent most of her growing up years. The flower bedecked bridge has some type of 'regular' name, like "green bridge" or something like that.
 But the more famous bridge Arroyo Grande claims is the Swinging  Bridge. We 'middle aged girls gone wild' jumped around on the bridge, just to be sure it would swing.
 I was hoping to find an old (antique) deviled egg plate. Good thing I didn't really like this one. Look at that price tag!
 We ran into Elvis on the corner, and paused for a photo.
Then, onto the charm of San Luis Obispo.
After a night's rest, we were up and at 'em to get to the show. Here's the entrance to the world famous Madonna Inn. You may have heard of the uniquely decorated rooms (named 'caveman', 'love nest' and so on) and the urinal in the men's bathroom that is a waterfall.
We bypassed all of that craziness and headed up the road to the Madonna Expo Center. We certainly aren't in LA, with that gorgeous background!
When we arrived there were many more cars here than this, but even this 'parking lot' has a rural vibe.
As for what we saw, and what I bought......stay tuned! Part II of the prequel is coming.

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