Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SLO Girls Weekend: My Favorite Find

 When I attend any craft fair or antique event, I always want to be happily surprised by one find.  I love to find something unique or clever, or something uber-cute, or connect with a crafter or vendor.   Well, I was in my 'happy place' when I came across Lisa Super's booth.

First thing I noticed were these adorable 'pin keeps'. I love that term, and starting now I'm swapping out 'pin cushion' for 'pin keep'. These are made of vintage linens. I LOVE vintage linens!
To the right of the pin keeps you can see the baker's twine with the gold and silver threads running through them!
I restrained myself, because you know I already have this cutie-pie pin keep, plus the cross stitched one you can look at HERE.
Next thing I saw was this darling can, covered in vintage wallpaper. She was using it to hold her bags, until Carrie snatched it right up and bought it!  Apparently this is a sample of a class Lisa held, and it was featured in Somerset Life Magazine.
But the piece de resistance for me was this beauty right here:
It's a teeny tiny hanging, featuring a mish mash of fun vintage ribbons, lace buttons, and so on.  Here's Carrie, displaying it.
When I realized that all the supplies were available in this little tiny cardboard box, I decided then and there that Lisa Super was my new best friend.  I informed her that I was going to stalk her and her blog, and find a way to attend her classes in Fremont.
The little nest next to my box o' supplies was another find at Remnants.

As Teri and Michelle caught up to us in Lisa's booth, they both bought the kit, and jams and candles! Hopefully all of our enthusiasm got lots of other customers shopping and buying from Lisa. Here she is, with her wares, one of which was a Christmas stocking kit, which was also featured in Somerset Magazine.

If you want to be a stalker like me, you can follow Lisa on her charming website and blog HERE.

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Lisa Super said...

Hi Linda,

Thank you for the wonderful post! You and your friends were so wonderfully sweet. I do so hope we can meet up again, maybe next time to spend some time crafting. I'm totally open to a get together some weekend so let me know if you'd like to set something up. I know I could find a friend to come along with me and join the fun!

♥ Lisa