Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pinwheel Favor: Worth the work!

 Submitted by Linda
In years past, I've been responsible for making giveaway 'thank you' favors for our school's volunteer event, which always happens in June. Because I make about 75 favors, I usually try to keep it simple. Not this time! I recently got the die to make these tiny pinwheels, and I persuaded the committee to choose some kind of pinwheel theme. Look at how cute they are! Of course the committee agreed.
 In past years we've done a post-it note holder, or other notepad holder, so this year I attempted to make this cute packet that holds one Ghiradeli square.  My friends were afraid that they would eat the candy, and trash the cute artwork.... back to the post-it notes I went. We were able to find an awesome deal with a coupon at Costco, and we split the 100 page pads in half.
 Next I scored the paper, and attached the post-it pads.
 After sticking them together with a Velcro dot, I added a 'hand made gift' stamp to the back.
Here is what we ended up with.  I just adore that cloud embossing folder, the tiny punched 'thank you', and the way the two-sided paper is featured on the pinwheel. Now our volunteers will have a cute pack of post-its to keep by their phone or in their purse.
The party theme will be "Thanks for making our year a breeze"!

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