Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Life is a Beach!

Submitted by Michelle
I've been on vacation for a week now and I figured it was about time for me to brag share the details of my fun and relaxing trip.  Each year, David's brother and sister-in-law graciously share their vacation condo in Encinitas with us.  It is always a welcome treat from the heat of the desert.  
Our friends Carrie and Sam joined us the first weekend, along with their daughter Samantha.  We went shopping and explored a variety of eateries, including a great place in Carlsbad called Bistro West
Bistro West offers a large variety of locally sourced and grown food.  
They also have a wall of water that changes color every few minutes.  
The house made pastas and fresh seafood were delicious and as you can see, I didn't stop with dinner.  David and Sam helped me stay on Weight Watcher's by sharing the Mudpie with me.  
And Carrie helped with activity points by going for walks with me on the beach. 
The sunsets at the beach are truly magnificent, but we also experienced the Super Moon over the weekend.  We weren't able to see the moon due to cloud cover but, the full moon did lead to extremely low tides which made for excellent viewing of the ocean floor during one of my morning walks.
This is a view looking back at the condo.  The condo is on the cliff in the far right of the photo.

A flock of seagulls enjoyed the view, too. 
 Tide pools....
and a reef.
On my walk I met an interesting fellow who pointed out to me that the reef is made up of living organisms.  He also pointed out that people were walking on the reef and therefore destroying the organisms.  He had some very strong feelings about the situation.  His colorful language isn't appropriate for this G-rated blog, but let's just say he firmly believes in saving the earth.  
Reef walkers killing the anemones and such. 
I found two sand dollars that I couldn't resist bringing home.  They will be a lovely reminder of our vacation.
We have a few more days left of our vacation, and even though I miss this cute little bundle of fun, it is wonderful having time alone with David and getting caught up on my afternoon naps and embroidery. Tomorrow is our 15th wedding anniversary and I have a special culinary surprise planned.  I'll tell you all about it in my next post.  

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Teri said...

LOVIN' the beachy recap! The picture of CARRIEVEL with you on the beach is a keeper I can just smell the ocean breeze! Enjoy your time but remember to come home-I miss you! :)