Thursday, May 30, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Happiness

 Submitted by Linda
 Our school celebrated 'Teacher Appreciation" last week, and I felt the love from my little friends. They did the cute thing where everyday they bring something (one day was flowers, then balloons, then thank-you cards, then gifts!!!!) It's was a fun week full of surprises. I love the thank you notes written from the kids - so sweet.

Here's a child whose mommy went to some trouble to make me feel happy. Look at this shirt! Awesome! (The wearer of the shirt is as cute as can be, but I don't yet have permission to share her face with you).
Another idea worth sharing is this darling vase. Colored pencils were glued around a large can, with a cute message on the tag. On the flower day, students added their flower to the can.
I love this, and will be keeping it at school for next time I happen to need a vase for flowers!
And here it is sporting it's bouquet! Ta-da!

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