Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stitching Update: Cross Stitch Teacup Pincushion

Submitted by Linda
You may remember that I wasn't a fan of cross stitching compared to embroidery, but after trying a few small projects (and NOT using the waste canvas like I did on the PETIT POINT NAPKINS), I'm finding that I enjoy it more than I ever expected to. My mom and I discovered cute (and small) project patterns in crafting magazines at the local Barnes and Noble store. 

One idea my mom and I both fell in love with is this teacup pincushion. I do have lots of pins floating around, for tacking down my ribbons and such, but did I really need another one, especially since I'd already made this other PINCUSHION, which is one of the cutest pincushions ever? Well, I decided one on my dresser might be nice, for safety pins and other pins one might need whilst they are getting dressed.
I bought the teacup years ago in Solvang, on a girl trip in the 90s. I never use this cup for drinking, so now I get to enjoy it as a pincushion! Next I'll be back to embroidery for a bit, since I need a break from all that counting and paying attention to a pattern!

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