Monday, May 27, 2013

Fairy Gardens Version 3.0

Submitted by Linda
You may remember that my mom and I had created fairy gardens a year or so ago. I even made one for Michelle's June birthday. Sadly, for all of us, the plants quickly died. Too much sun? Too much shade? Too much AC (in LaQuinta)? Nobody knows why they didn't survive, so my mom and I refreshed ours with new plants (version 2.0), and again, they died. 
Despite our dislike of fake plants, we decided to go artificial this time. We searched our usual sources (Hobby Lobby, Michael's), but ended up finding what we hoped would work at Tai Pan Trading in Rancho Cucamonga.  No dirt needed this time, just foam, moss, plants, and so on.
 Here is my mom's. She upgraded to a gorgeous blue ceramic pot.
 You may remember that on one of my antiquing trips, I found a tiny turtle. Time to play "Where's Waldo!" Can you find my turtle?
I had also bought a tiny frog, which seemed too big compared to the bike in my garden. So I plunked it into Michelle's. I like the whimsy it adds.
I think they turned out cute, and that the plants look pretty decent. And no chance of them dying. Yay! For anyone who is wondering, here is the ORIGINAL POST which gives my source for all the cute fairy sized accessories, though now you can find things at Hobby Lobby and Armstrong.

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Heather Klump said...

I love them both..! My Mom and I are starting to gather elements for building our own fairy gardens.. Cant wait now!! :)