Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mary Had a Little....Chicken?

 Submitted by Linda
 On my final weekday of my Spring break, my pal Liz took me on a fun filled shopping trip which included tea at the Four Seasons Tea Room in Sierra Madre.

Just look at this gorgeous plate of finger sandwiches and edible flowers!
 You probably know by now that we love all things Susan Branch and recently she was showing the cutest vintage lamb vases to fill with flowers during springtime.  So I was keeping my eyes pealed for a lambie vase, when I stumbled upon this chickie vase (actually I think she's a creamer). Either way, when I saw her bonnet with ribbon ties I quickly decided that birds and chickens do just as well for spring decorating, especially when she is sporting such a cute hat! 

Yes, you see sweet peas in there. My sweet peas at home, sadly,  are not doing well, but fortunately they are blooming beautifully in my 'kinder-garden' at school.

In the spirit of chickens and other fowl, I must share the cross-stitched Easter card my mom made for us. She must have been stitching on the sly, since I never saw her working on it during our stitching nights. Just ducky, right?

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