Thursday, April 11, 2013

Heidi Walsh 1965-2013

Submitted by Linda

Still wrestling with the reality the tragic loss of a true "Front Row Friend", Heidi Walsh. She deserved 'front row' status, as she supported, loved, inspired, prayed for and spurred her friends on in our journey of faith. She had a way of connecting so that time never seemed to have passed, though we didn't see each other often. Most of our times together usually involved laughter and tears, and I always admired her depth and honesty. Though her passing will never be understood this side of heaven, it's a comfort to know that she is in her 'happy place', sitting at the feet of Jesus. Even during the hard times, Heidi trusted God with her journey, so we will continue to trust God with Brennan, Emma, Griffin, Cailley and Bob as they move forward without their beloved wife and mommy.
At the Huntington (our happy go-to place), January 2011.

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