Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy News X2

Submitted by Aunt Linda
You may remember my niece Courtney when I wrote two years ago about a baby blanket and party favors for her baby Sawyer. Pictured below is two year old Sawyer, with his Grandma Renee and his mommy, pictured at Kari's Wedding. Courtney was happy to be able to attend the wedding, but was hoping to deliver her twins the next day. 
Sawyer doesn't realize yet how his world is about to be rocked!

No such luck! She made it 2 more weeks, and had a C-section last Tuesday. (Poor girl. Sawyer's birthday was the 7th, these babies are the 9th, and daddy Jeremiah's is the 11th. April will always be a party month at their house).   But look at these girls! As a mother of boy babies, I always appreciate a 'pink' baby with a big flowery headband.
Ava is on the left, and Mia is on the right. Both girls were over 5 pounds, but Mia is a bit tinier. Doesn't their mommy look fantastic?

We are not these babies' grandparents. We are just aunt and uncle to their mom. But it's safe to say we couldn't wait to get to the hospital and get our hands on these girls.  I love love love the newborn stage, when they're warm and yummy smelling and curling into a ball with their tiny feet and pink skin. (My boys are long past the 'yummy smelling' and 'tiny feet' stage.)

Speaking of tiny feet and pink skin, look at these toes and tum-tum. Her knee is about the size of knuckle on my thumb. Seriously.

I always like to see daddies changing a diaper. Craig joined in to help - he always was obsessed with making sure that everything is clean and 'good to go' in the diaper area. Maybe that's a guy thing.

Craig is notorious for sneaking off to hospitals to see babies while I'm at work, but since I was on Spring Break, I was poised and ready to do my share of sneaking. Here I am with an armful of girly girls!

I  didn't want to appear like the crazy/obsessed auntie, so my strategy was to bring dinners (they'd have to invite me in to hold babies if I brought dinner, right?)

So I brought Kale Soup (our family's comfort food) and French Dip Sandwiches.

The good news is there is usually an extra baby to hold!

Sadly, I'm back to work tomorrow (and I know Craig will stop by and see those girls without me!). I'm so thankful I was able to celebrate these girls' safe arrival into the world.

Happy "Birth"Days Ava and Mia!


Anonymous said...

So cute!

kate wallace said...

Thank you for posting pictures! I still haven't met them yet but I want to!!!