Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Warm and Welcoming Wedding

 Submitted by Linda
This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending another family wedding, this time for our niece Kari (pronounced "Car-ee" rather than "Care-ee").   Kari is just a couple of years older than my boys, and we have lots of happy memories of her growing up years. She recently graduated from APU with an Art major, and is now continuing her studies in Marriage and Family Therapy.  She found her soul-mate in Justin, who is getting his MFT at Fuller Seminary. What good work they will do as a team! 

Here is their invitation:

 The key wedding theme for both Kari and Justin was 'warmth'. Notice the wording in the invite: we weren't just invited, we were warmly invited!

Another feeling I felt at the wedding was romance. These gorgeous pale flowers and her creamy gown set the tone for a sweet and special event.

Another detail that was sweet and meaningful was the use of this table. Kari and Justin are not carpenters, but they decided to build a table for their new home. You'll notice that it is very large, with room enough to gather loved ones around. The table was used in the ceremony with the unity candle, along  with the bread and juice for communion.

The venue for the wedding was gorgeous. Here you can see a natural arbor, made of tree limbs, strung with fabric blossoms. Kari's dad had a big role in the ceremony, which made for some poignant moments.  Kari and Justin involved a lot of people in their ceremony, reading scriptures and prayers, instead of having official 'attendants'.  I love how weddings can be so different and creative!

The dress code was pretty informal, as you can tell from the groom's open collar.

The kiss!


You know those irritating people who tried to horn in when the real photographer is taking that family pictures between the wedding and reception? I tried not to be one of those people, but I couldn't resist taking this picture of Kari and her dad as I walked by.

Let's talk about her dress. She is a brave brave girl, because she ordered her dress through an Etsy store, where a seamstress in china copies a picture of a designer dress, uses the brides measurements, and sends it in the mail to the bride. I was so nervous about this, thinking it could be a nightmare. I was so wrong. The dress fit perfectly, and was exactly like the dress Kari had asked to have copied. The fabric is almost blush colored, with flowing lines.

The most gorgeous detail is the sleeves. Pearls and beads and sparkles, oh my!

Moving on to the reception....
The centerpieces used dotted tulle, wood, and flowers in vintage vases and glasses. Remember my adventure at Treasures and Junk? Justin and Kari found lots of the glassware for the tables there!

Remember their special hand made table? It was moved to the reception area, where they ate their first meal as man and wife.  They had a quilt on hand as the evening grew cooler.

In the spirit of the warm and welcoming theme, Kari and Justin chose to have soups, salad and bread as their meal. Their plan was to have 'comfort food', and it even included mac 'n' cheese for the kids. The soup choices included gluten free, vegan, and a meat option. I loved the meal, and agree that it added to the home and family feeling. (And what says 'home' more than fishy crackers?)

In the top right corner of the picture you'll see wooden discs that were used to tell us our table assignment. Cute!

I hope the bride and groom enjoyed it as much as the guests did!

Children were more than welcome at this wedding, in fact the only people who walked down the aisle besides the bride and groom were 5 nieces and nephews who were ring bearers and flower girls. Kids are definitely important to this couple. So much, that they provided sweet little fabric bags, complete with crayons and paper for the little ones.

Their favor was a collection of recipes from 'our family to yours', and included their favorite family recipes.

Here's another sweet touch at the dessert table. Offerings included chocolate chip cookies, brownies, gluten free options, and old fashioned cinnamon rolls! Mmmmmmm!

Since our little family isn't often together these days, I asked someone to snap a pic of us. Despite the poor picture quality, it shows that we were there to help celebrate. Does it seem like Craig and I are unusually short? And does it seem like the boys are wearing genuine grins?

Those clowns are standing on their tippy toes, just to try to be taller than the other, and to dwarf us!

All in all, it was such a wonderful and special time. If I'm lucky, someday I may get to sit around that table for a meal in Kari and Justin's kitchen......


Lara.Jenkins said...

What a beautiful dress! Fun blog post, Linda!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, you captured the evening perfectly. Kari was the most beautiful bride! What a great blessing to see Kari and Justin united and to finally meet you too. Loved the family recipes as it felt like you were taking home a piece of their heritage, can't wait to try them out.

God Bless,
Debbie McCorkell