Sunday, January 6, 2013

Super Cute Teacher Gift

 Submitted by Linda
As a kindergarten teacher, I'm blessed by parents when it comes to Christmas gifts. For me, any gift (or even a note in a card), big or small, makes me feel appreciated.  I always love a giftcard, don't get me wrong. But as a crafter, I'm one who appreciates the cute and clever.

You may remember I made a Teacher Supply box for our then long-term kindergarten substitute (click HERE to see it).   The box I made seems a bit, well, lacking when you see the pictures below.
So stinkin' cute, right? And notice how the yellow paper in the middle says 'kindergarten' on it! Ready to see what's inside?
What is it about seeing everything in its own little compartment! Just looking at it makes me happy.

A big shout out to my kindergarten class 2012-2013: Thank you so much! And by the way, get to bed early tonight, because we've got lots of fun (I mean academic) things to do tomorrow!

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