Thursday, January 10, 2013

Downtown Orange and Twine Storage

 Submitted by Linda
My antitque-ing, stitching, stamping, librarian friend Liz and I have been trying to visit some local places for antique shopping, and on my winter break, we were able to go to downtown Orange. This cute downtown is situated around a 'roundabout', and has lots of antique stores to choose from. We were there most of the day, and weren't even able to visit all the stores.

Since it was just after Christmas, we enjoyed all the vintage ornaments and Santas.
We were told that all of the restaurants were good there, so we visited the Blue Frog Cafe and Bakery.
I was happy to be able to get a half of a reuben sandwich, with homemade potato salad, and also a homemade cookie. It was all yummity yum! (They have an 'everything' cookie, which was amazing. If you can't stop for lunch, be sure to get a treat from their bakery).
When we were getting ready to head for home, there was a 'Big Red' parked next to my 'Lil Red'. So cute together.
As for purchases, I did find some more Royal Albert Petit Point china (!!!!), but the main thing I was searching for, was old sugar dispensers and shaker jars. I had noticed at Stamp Your {Heart} Out that they used a sugar dispenser for their baker's twine, so I was on a mission to find some.
The jar on the right (with the red and white twine), is a sugar dispenser with one hole. The other two are shaker jars, and have many holes. So I put the twine in, and pulled each color out of a different hole. I have been using the twine, and so far, none of them have gotten tangled inside the jar.

I love the vintage look, and happily, I don't have a gallon ziploc full of random twine anymore!

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