Monday, November 12, 2012

Whittier Antique Street Fair 2012

 Submitted by Linda
 Somehow, when clicking around the internet, I discovered an antique street fair coming to the city of Whittier. My usual partner in crime, Liz, was booked for the weekend, so I cajoled my new niece Kyan to join me, in the spirit of 'checking it out'.  You may remember that she is the bride of the beautiful burlap and mason jar wedding. She and her man are decorating their craftsman home in all things 'rustic vintage', so she was up for the journey.

After our quick 30 minute drive, we felt like we'd already hit a home run with the parking. Has anyone ever seen a parking garage in So-Cal that only costs a buck?

We found lots of cute booths...
 ..and even cuter people.
 Prices seemed reasonable, and most of the vendors seemed like nice people cleaning out their lives.
We saw lots of linens, vintage clothing, furniture, and a paper dress form!
This sweet old guy sold Kyan a blue mason jar, and then, after wrapping it and putting it into a Wal-Mart bag, said, "Thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart!"
We connected with Kyan's brother, who steered us to a fun lunch place, which was followed by a trip to King Richard's. Hailed as the 'largest antique mall in California', we thought we should peek in before we left town. It was BIG, in fact, by the time we were done, our eyes were getting glassy.
I found a few treasures, and a few Christmas surprises. After doing some researching, it appears that the next street fair in Whittier will be in April of 2013. Who's in? Maybe we should plan a Front Row Friends Field Trip!!!!

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