Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Village Venture and the Fickle Felt Tree

Submitted by Linda
 For many years, now, I've been wishing for my friends to join me at Claremont's annual Village Venture. I kept raving about what an awesome street fair it was, and finally, it worked out for Carrie, Michelle and Liz to join me. Craig happened to be out of town for the whole weekend, so we crafted, shopped and snacked. What could be better?

My rule was that we were at the shuttle stop by Claremont High at 8:45 am so we could beat the rush. It always gets super crowded.
We looked around, ran into some friends, including my former student Barbie and her cute puppy.
 As we were on the last section, thinking about heading back to the shuttle, we came across The Fickle Felt Tree. I was so excited, because it was the only booth where we all got crazy-silly about how cute the stuff was!

Look at these garland made of felt balls! Janelle, the crafter, had them in all the color combos a girl could want!

Just look at this crate full of them!

We made such a fuss that I think we drew a crowd!
These felt balls were even cute on wires for vases!
Michelle loved this wreath made of felt flowers. She thought it would match her colors at home, and we all agreed it was a good purchase. After all, who wants to form all of those flowers and then glue them on a wreath?
When I got home, I strung my garland on my twinkly tree, which sits in my entryway.
On go the lights:
So stinkin' cute!
If you are interested in visiting the Fickle Felt Tree, click HERE.

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