Friday, November 23, 2012

Pies a Plenty, Pies Galore!

Submitted by Michelle
This year for Turkey Day, David and I were invited to join my friend Teri and her family.  Teri and I met in September of 2011 when we both enrolled in the same Master's Degree program.  Teri and I immediately gravitated towards each other and we've been front row friends ever since.

The fall has been so hectic and harried, between my surgery and teaching a new grade level and curriculum, that I eagerly accepted the invitation. I was more than happy to be a guest rather than a host, and offered to bring pie.

Teri told me her two adult children love pumpkin pie, so I was glad to oblige.  I made the recipe off the side of the can of Libby's pumpkin and it turned out great, as always.
David's favorite pie is pecan, so I knew I wanted to make it, too.  I also found out that Teri's husband likes pecan pie but rarely gets to have it since the kids wishes always trump the husband's wishes.  I decided to amp things up a bit and make a Hoosier Pie (or, as my friend Carrie calls it, Hoosier Daddy Pie.) I've blogged about Hoosier Pie before and you can read it here.
A few days ago I blogged about pie crust and you can see in the photos that the All-Butter Pastry does not hold it's shape, but I can say that the free-form look is worth it because the crust is flaky and buttery every time.  

David and I thoroughly enjoyed our day with Teri and her family and are so grateful that she opened up her home to us.  I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with love and joy whether you were guest (like me) or a hostess.  

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