Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nick's B-Day at Slater's 50/50

Submitted by Linda
 Our youngest, Nick, just celebrated his 20th birthday. Here he is, when he was about three. I really miss that kid.

 Oh, yeah. He's still around. But bigger. And smellier. And harrier.  Still cute, though. I forced him to take this phone pic, since I wasn't in ANY pictures when both of my boys were little.

 His birthday wish was to go to Slater's 50/50, which is located in Anaheim Hills.
It's funny, me doing a 'restaurant review', since I joke about being 90% vegetarian. I eat meat, and enjoy it sometimes, but usually I find that I prefer meatless dishes. So here I was at 50/50, where the burger sizes are 1/3 pound or 2/3 pound after cooking. You may notice on my 'design it' form, shown below, I chose a portobello mushroom instead of a burger.
Which was probably a big mistake, since the point of the 50/50 burger is that it is 50% ground meat and 50% ground bacon. I sampled Craig's burger, and it was ok, I guess.  Here's Nick, intently choosing his burger and toppings and cheese and sauces.
I did enjoy the big appetizer platter, with all kinds of fried goodness, including fried macaroni and cheese. Each item on the platter had it's own dippin' sauce.
Take a look at this burger! What a biggie! Nick enjoyed it, and we had a fun time celebrating with him.
As for Slater's, it's definitely a fun place to go, especially with hungry boys.

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