Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween in Kindergarten 2012

 Submitted by Linda
At our school, kindergarten is the only group of students that is allowed to dress up for Halloween. We do a giant parade through the entire school, and it's always fun for the teachers to come up with a theme for the big kids to enjoy. In the past we've done Wizard of Oz, Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Bugs and the Bugcatcher, and Beauty Queens named after characters in kids' literature. I posted this teaser pic to hint at what we were doing this year:
 Was it obvious? What could be more perfect for kindergarten than color crayons! The picture below shows the three teachers with our wonderful aide. Each year the costume photo goes into the back door of our one-stall hideaway grown-up bathroom down in kindergarten. It's fun to have something to look at when you're, well, sitting there.  Our newest teacher, Alisha (in blue), was really excited to 'make the bathroom wall'!
 Our box really has seven crayons total. We added two special ed kindergarten teachers and even our principal!  We used "Wonder Under" to iron on the stripes, color words and the crayola logo (which was made by a kind parent who has a Cricut).  For the hats, we used spray adhesive to attach felt to megaphones from the dollar section of the party store.
You should have seen us heading out to lunch in my little red car. It looked like a clown car full of clowns!

As for students, I always appreciate clever costumes, and this one is a winner:
Kaitlyn happily marched around with her Casey Jr. train all morning.
We ended up having a great day, and lots of fun with our kindergarten friends! That night, I wore the cute costume shown below. It is a "Super Mrs. W" costume made by a super creative parent who makes these custom costumes in her Etsy store. I love how it's in our school colors, and I love the wristies! I feel like Wonder Woman! You can check our her blog HERE.

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