Monday, October 29, 2012

Treasures and Junk in Ontario

Submitted by Linda
After my recent antiques adventure in Clovis, a friend alerted me to a great place in our own back yard. Say "hello" to Treasures and Junk in Ontario. You can read their blog HERE to get more info.

From the outside, it looks a bit...well, junky.
Inside was a different story. The building houses many booths and an outdoor shopping area that offers a true mish mash of stuff. The picture below displays what I would call 'treasures'.
And this booth shows a nice sampling of cute stuff.
But here is certainly something junky! A weird purse that looks like a high-heeled boot, sort of.
The outdoor section had some cute little booths as well, but the majority of the outdoor stuff was....
...Junk! If you need old trikes or bikes or lockers or other old rusty stuff this is the place for you. It was so fun to poke around. This old pink trailer is a permanent part of the set up, I think. I didn't look for a price on it!
The clientele was interesting also. The guy in front of us in line bought a machete and an old BUD mug. He was with a group of guys who looked like a motorcycle gang. (The good thing about that is that he likely wouldn't be snapping up any of my china or glassware patterns!)

I will definitely go back and visit again, as I was happy to find this orange carnival glass leaf dish there, for a mere six bucks!
Who wants to go????