Monday, October 15, 2012

Pinkalicious Birthday Banner

 Submitted by Linda
As a kindergarten teacher, I strive to create a learning environment where everyone feels safe and happy in our community of learners. I meticulously keep track of details so that 'everyone has their turn' throughout the year, for "Top Banana", winning the "Guessing Jar", being certain helpers, and so on. Yet the reality is that sometimes I develop a deeper relationship with some students because we are neighbors, or because we attend the same church, or because I have history with their family. 

My former student Jordy is one of those friends. Here we are on the bus to Amy's farm.
Jordy entered kindergarten when she was only 4, and early on, her parents opted to have Jordy repeat kindergarten. She was very bright, but they wanted her to have the advantage of that second year to develop leadership and confidence. During that second year, she certainly was a true "all star" kindergartner, and after two years together, we were sad to say goodbye last June. The good news is, I'm good friends with her grandma (remember Miss Carla, guru of all things sewing and the amazing chocolate chip cookies?) and Jordy's family also attends my church. I think knowing that we would always be friends, and that we would see each other often, was a comfort to both of us.

Recently Jordy invited me to her birthday party. Not just a "you should come" invite, but a legit invitation for me and Mr. Wallace. We were unable to attend, but I thought a personalized banner would be just right for such an occasion.

Jordy's middle name is "Pink" (a cute story, involving her brother choosing the name), so I knew that Pink would be the signature color. I dug out this "Cheerful Treat" paper pack, and got busy.
Here's what I ended up with:
I had to include her "pinkalicious" middle name!
Just for fun, I draped it across my headboard just to admire it hanging up. I think it's a happy little gift for a special birthday girl.
During the last week of school, Jordy and I both wore Claremont colors for our kindergarten sports day, and she said, "We have to take a picture!" So, I did. Happily.

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